On the Mountain, Cap or hiking Hat?

A good question: What is better when we decide to go to the mountain? Cap or hiking hat?
Last weekend, like every year, we organized a small mountain route with friends; I do not know if it’s for sport, for pleasure or just for spending a day with those people you love. But what is certain is that every year we grab our backpacks and get going. Our routes are not difficult or require great planning, and every year the same question arises: do I wear a cap or hiking hat? It seems silly, but it is not so much.

If you are going to go out to the mountain you should have several things clear:

1º – Difficulty of the route.
2nd – Duration of the march.
3rd – Weather forecast.

Let’s start with the last point: if there is a possibility of rain, the best option will be a hat that will protect you from the water, but thanks to its wing it will cover, besides the eyes and face, the sword and neck, avoiding that annoying water that enters by the back.

If the forecast is of a lot of sun and it is also a long route, I recommend the hat, as well as the rain, will also protect you from the sun’s rays on the face and neck avoiding burns.

If the tour is long you should also consider the type of cap or hat, and choose a hat or lightweight cap that can be folded and stored in the backpack or carry in your bag. You should avoid rigid straw hats, as they will surely bother you in the head, and even those with rigid padding can cause skin irritations if there is a lot of sweating.

The difficulty of the route is also another aspect to be taken into account, because if the effort is very large you should take something that is as light as possible and that allows freedom of movement: a lightweight and flexible cap may be the best choice, since it will allow you to save it at certain times of the route, without being a nuisance.

But we must be clear that in these types of situations not all caps or hats work. The ideal would be to opt for models that are light, that transpire, waterproof, that can be folded and that have sun protection in their fabric. In the blog, we showed them these models, which, although they cost a little more, are usually a good investment for sports. You should also think that this type of garment has a long duration, and will accompany you during your adventures, so in the end, the investment will be very profitable.
Our cap or hat in the bush should NOT be a hindrance, but a help to complete the goal.

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