Trout Fishing: The Bait That Will Hook You A Fish

Trout Fishing

Before you head out to do some summer fishing, make sure you have the right bait in your tackle box. If you don’t fish on a regular basis, it can be difficult to know what kind of bait to purchase. If you plan on going fishing for trout, make sure you have at least one of the following types of bait or lures in your tackle box.


If you do not like to deal with or handle live bait, you can always try to use lures to bring the trout to your fishing pole. Here are the types of lures that you should look for:

Imitation Crawfish

Look for small lures that look like a crawfish. Trout love to snack on crawfish, so if your bait looks like one, it could bring them in. These types of bait look like they tails tucked in and their claws bulging out in front of them.

Neon Worm

If you don’t want to go with the real thing, an imitation worm usually does the job. You can find bait worms in a variety of neon colors; try to go with ones that are longer. You are more likely to entice a fish with a longer worm than a shorter one.

Silver Trout

Sometimes the best way to attract a fish is to convince them that you are also a fish. Look for a lure that is silver and shiny. These types of lures catch the light and look like a fish moving quickly in the water as you move your line around, but can also look like a fish just relaxing when you hold your pole still. This type of lure works best if you are going to be fishing somewhere where the water is cool and clear.

Live Bait

You can also use live bait to catch trout. Here are the most common types of live bait:

Red Wiggle Worms

Red wiggle worms are also commonly referred to as composting worms. You can typically pick up these worms at your local bait shop. They work well at attracting smaller sized trout.

Night Crawler

A nightcrawler is a larger worm that you can also pick up at your local bait shop. As these worms are a little larger, they work well at attracting medium and larger sized trout that are looking for more of a meal.

Trout Eggs

If you succeed in catching a live trout that has eggs inside of it, don’t throw them away. Trout eggs can make excellent bait; for some reason, fish love to eat their own eggs.

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